SpreadAct module of the

Strong AI Mind in JavaScript

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1. Diagram of SpreadAct Mind-Module

A process of spreading activation engenders thought.

  t = time
              |      | |   |      |      | | | |      |
100           |      +------------+------------+      |
              |   cats |   |      |      | | | fish   |
200           +-------------------+-------------------+
              |        |   |      |      | | |        |
300           |        +----------+----------+        |
              |   horses   |      |      | | hay      |
400           +-------------------+--------+          |
              |            |      |      | worms      |
500           |            +------+------+            |
              |         dogs      |      meat         |
            fish                 eat                bugs

2. Algorithms

2.1 Using SpreadAct to answer What-queries.

First InStantiate detects the input of the interrogative 781=WHAT pronoun and sets the $whatcon flag to a positive one ("1"). Then InStantiate also assigns the verb to $qv2psi and the subject of the query to $qv1psi for SpreadAct.

2.2 Using SpreadAct to answer Who-Is or Who-Are queries.

2.3 Using SpreadAct to ask users about a new concept.

2.4 Using SpreadAct to answer Who+Verb+Direct-Object queries.

When a human user asks the Perlmind Strong AI, "Who has a child?", the InStantiate() module detects the input of the 791=WHO concept and sets the $qucon variable to a positive one ("1") as a flag to invoke the special treatment of an input query by the mechanisms of spreading activation in the SpreadAct() module. Once the $qucon flag has been set, if a verb other than 800=BE comes into InStantiate(), the $qvdocon variable is set to a positive one ("1") as a flag for the special treatment in SpreadAct() of an input query composed of the query-word "who" and a verb taking a direct object, as in, "Who makes robots?" The $qv2psi variable is loaded with the @psy concept-number of the verb in the query, so that the SpreadAct() module may search for the particular verb taking a particular direct object in the lifelong knowledge base (KB) of the potentialy immortal Strong AI Mind. Next the $qv4psi variable is set with the concept number of the direct object stated in the input query, so that SpreadAct() may search for, find, and activate the specific combination of a known fact or assertion combining a subject with the particular verb and the particular direct object. The retrieval of the known fact or assertion becomes a response by the AI to the query input by the human user.

2.5 Using SpreadAct to answer Who+Verb+Indirect-Object queries.

2.6 Using SpreadAct to engender a chain of thought after a direct object.

3. Resources

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