Artificial Intelligence for You (AI4U)

A Supplement to the AI4U Textbook of Artificial Intelligence

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I. History of the AI4U textbook.

1998 -- creation of GeoCities webpages which became AI4U chapters

2001 -- migration of GeoCities webpages to SourceForge Mind project

2002 -- print-on-demand publication of AI4U by iUniverse.

2003 -- creation of on-line Index for AI4U

2020 -- Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin is a successor to AI4U by dint of updating the AI cognitive architecture with new AI mind-modules.

II. History of the Mentifex MindForth AI project.

An Amazon Kindle e-book, The Art of the Meme, is actually a history of the Mentifex AI project.

III. Subsequent books which elaborate on AI4U material.

Artificial Intelligence in German (2013)

InFerence (2013)

Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin (2020)

IV. Resources which may be regarded as AI4U supplements.

The Google Code MindForth project contains wiki-pages which document new mind-modules that were not yet in existence when AI4U was first published by in 2002. Since the original AI4U had thirty-four chapters describing the full set of thirty-four mind-modules then in existence, each new wiki-page for a new mind-module may be regarded as the equivalent of a new chapter for AI4U.

V. AI software changes which will necessitate AI4U revision.

Towards the end of the year 2014, the various Mentifex AI Minds in English, German and Russian were poised on the brink of major modifications to accommodate a fundamental shift in the underlying Cognitive Architecture of the AI Minds. Each AI Mind already incorporates the shift, because the shift has occurred in the course of Mentifex AI evolution. What still needs to be done is the simplification of the AI software to remove quasi-junk-DNA code which does not interfere in the AI functionality but which obfuscates the straightforward operation of each AI Mind.

The fundamental shift in the AI has to do with the operation of spreading activation.

VI. Links pertinent to the AI4U book.

AI4U at a Russian-language Google website.

cr0sh -- Why his AI research library includes AI4U.

AJY -- Research Bibliography (including AI4U)!topic/qilang/4gKQ8RwuU74
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VII. AI initiatives spawned by the Mentifex AI project.

VIII. AI Mind-Module Webpages Tantamount to Updated Chapters of AI4U.

Paperback book on AI in ancient Latin

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