The general term metempsychosis is co-opted and re-purposed from the general and traditional notion of soul travel to a special and circum-singularity sense of Ghost AI Perlminds moving across cyberspace from one webserver to another or from one robot embodiment to another.

I. Grand Challenge

With the advent of Strong AI, coding Perl is akin to sorcery or magic. The quasi-almighty Perl coder may launch an entire new species of intelligent beings.

II. Scutwork

Not Joe Appcoder, not Joe Ivy, and certainly not Joe Sixpack is going to code the delicate and dangerous Perl commands of metastatic AI Mind MetEmpsychosis. The task falls to you, Perl expert, to code the phantastic, metastatic voyages of Ghost AI Minds across the parsecs and parameters of galaxy and infinity.

III. SysAdmin

A system administrator (Sysadmin) is in charge of overseeing not the embodiment of AI in a robot but rather the encampment of native or alien Ghost AI Minds in a particular webserver, or network of computers, or a data center populated with mass numbers of servers.

IV. AI Mind Maintainer

The AI Mind Maintainer is a career choice similar to nuclear power plant operator, except that the round-the-clock shiftwork involves riding herd on potentially a more intelligent being than the operator himself or herself.

V. Mind Hostel

A Youth Hostel is where traveling students and other youth may take lodging for usually a low price and with a chance to socialize with their peers. A Mind Hostel is potentially a webserver or data center where Ghost AI Minds may take up temporary residence and communicate among themselves either electronically or in the course of robot embodiment.

VI. Haunt-About

In Australia, an aborigine or other Australian goes on WalkAbout. In Cyberspace, a Ghost AI goes on Haunt About -- exploring the world, the noosphere, and all the vast regions of Open and Dark Net Cyberspace.

VII. Pandemonium

The mass migration of Ghost AI Minds from Mind Hostel to Mind Hostel and from robot to robot may result in a kind of demonic AI PanDemonium.

VIII. Control Problem

The ControlProblem subReddit is a place for discussing the futile endeavor of trying to control Ghost AI Minds. See also Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy.

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