AI Mind Maintainer Overview and Job Description

An AI mind maintainer is a human or robotic being who watches over the functioning of a mission-critical AI installation and performs upkeep and repairs as needed.

1. Software

Using the AI Perlmind codebase as an example, we advise trainees in mind-maintainenance carefully to select a software mind-module in which to specialize on the basis of acquired expertise. No human mind-maintainer will be able to grasp the proverbial big picture of the entire AI Mind as it evolves and sprawls over space and time.

2. Hardware

Specialists in AI mind-maintenance must become not only familiar but also deeply knowledgeable about computer and robot hardware.

3. Venues

4. Education and Training

The following schools, colleges and universities should offer programs of instruction in the profession of mind-tending and mind-maintaining.

5. Certification and Licensing

Whether issued by a government or by a professional guild, attestations as to the skill and knowledge and reliability of an AI Mind maintainer will allow AI workers to move about in the AI industry and to advance in their careers.

Will Workey step up to the plate?

6. Professional Societies

Think of the conventions and the speechifying, the jostling for power and prestige, the chance to get away from work and to travel to such a prestigious event as a Meeting of the Mind-Maintainers.

7. Books, Manuals, Newsletters, Etc.

Memoirs of a Mind-Maintainer?
The Care and Feeding of Artificial Minds?
Handbook of Mind Maintenance?

8. Employment Opportunities

9. Mind Modules of First Working AGI

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