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Русскоязычный Искусственный Интеллект Душка

RuAdjective Russian adjective module of

English and Russian bilingual AI in Perl

1. Cognitive architecture Diagram of the RuAdjective Mind-Module

   /^^^^^^^^^\             ________________        /^^^^^^^^^\
  /   EYE     \     | | | / RuThink module \      /   EAR     \
 /             \    | | | \________________/     / ___________  |
|               |   | | |  _____|____________   | / MindBoot  \ |
|   _______     |   | | | (   RuIndicative   )  ||             ||
|  /image  \    |   | | |  \________________/   || "СТУДЕНТЫ"  ||
| / percept \---|-----+ |       |    |          || "ЧИТАЮТ"    ||
| \ engram  /   |  a| | |       |  __V_________ || "КНИГИ"     ||
|  \_______/    |  b|c| |       | /RuVerbPhrase\| \___________/ |
|               |  s|o|f|       | \____________/|               |
|   visual      |  t|n|i|    ___V____________   |               |
|               |  r|c|b|   /                \  |               |
|   memory      |  a|e|e|  (   RuNounPhrase   ) |  auditory     |
|               |  c|p|r|   \    "ИДЕЯ"      /  |  memory       |
|   channel     |  t|t|s|    \______________/   |  channel      |
|               |   | | |            |          |               |
|               |   | | |           _V_______   |   ________    |
|               |   | | |          /         \  |  /        \   |
|   _______     |   | | |   _____ (RuAdjective) | / "ОЧЕНЬ"  \  |
|  /fresh  \    |   | | |  / Ru- \/\"ХОРОШАЯ"/  | \"ХОРОШАЯ" /  |
| / image   \   |   |_|_| /Adverb \ \_______/   |  \ "ИДЕЯ" /   }
| \ engram  /---|---(Psy) \"ОЧЕНЬ"/             |   \______/    |
|  \_______/    |    \_/   \_____/              |

2. Purpose of the AI4U Textbook RuAdjective Mind-Module

The RuAdjective AI mind-module serves the purpose of inserting a Russian adjective into a thought being generated by the AI or the Dushka AI in the Russian language.

3. Function of the AI4U Textbook RuAdjective AI Mind Module

The AI Mind Maintainer may code an automatic call to the RuAdjective module from a point in the RuNounPhrase module before the chosen noun is sent into the Speech module for output as part of a thought being generated. Then parameters inside the RuAdjective module may determine which particular adjective, if any, shall be inserted before the noun. One particular parameter might be how highly activated some adjective is in preparation for being inserted into athought, especially if the SpreadAct module is bestowing quasi-neuronal activation on one or more adjectives conceptually associated with the noun being selected.

4. Code of RuAdjective() from First Working AGI in Perl


5. Variables for the RuAdjective Module in a Russian AI Mind

$aud -- is an auditory recall-vector used in various mind-modules for the purpose of associating from the concept of a word over to the beginning of its auditory engram in the @ear array of the auditory memory channel, so that the Speech module may either display the word on-screen or speak the word aloud.

$tdj -- time-of-adjective -- conceptual flag-panel tag for an adjective.

6. Troubleshooting and Debugging for AI Mind Maintainers

6.1.a. Symptom: (Something goes wrong.)
6.1.b. Solution: (AI Mind Maintainer devises solution.)

7. Future Development

RuAdjective needs to be paired with sensory inputs perceived by a robot, so that VisRecog may provide the color of an object, or TacRecog may provide the rough or smooth texture of an object. GusRecog may provide an adjective to describe the taste of an object, and OlfRecog may insert an adjective for the smell of an object.

Otherwise there are two major problems connected with the RuAdjective module. Firstly, the most frequently occurring adjectives in the Russian language may need to be embedded as adjectives in the MindBoot module so that no confusion will result when the AI tries to parse a noun-phrase containing one or more adjectives in front of a noun. The more adjectives an AI knows, the more able it will be to parse correctly an unknown noun preceded by a known adjective.

Secondly, the time-of-adjective $tdj variable may need some clever modification to permit it to refer simultaneously to a whole series of adjectives being chained together by the AI Mind, or being recalled from memory after being stored as input from an external source. Having a single $tdj variable at first demonstrates the algorithm for thinking with a single adjective, but human beings will often use several adjectives in a row before a noun, and so AI software mimicking the human mind must do likewise.

  • Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence

    8. Resources for the AI4U Textbook RuAdjective Module

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    10. AiTree of Mind-Modules for Natural Language Understanding

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