PraeScium Module of

Mens Latina Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin

I. Cognitive architecture Diagram of the PraeScium Latin AI Mind-Module

  /^^^^^^^^^^^\  New Vocabulary Comes From Users  /^^^^^^^^^^^\
 /   EYE       \            ________________     /    EAR      \
|               |CONCEPTS  /                \   |  ___________  |
|   _______     |   | | |  \   MainLoop     /---|-/ PraeScium \ |
|  / old   \    |   | | |   \______________/    || memory vault||
| / image   \!!!|!!!|!|!|      |    ________    ||             ||
| \ recog   /---|---|-|-+      |   /        \   || Innate      ||
|  \_______/    |   | | |      |   \ KbLoad /---|| Ideas       ||
|               |  C| | |      |    \______/    ||             ||
|               |  O| | |   ___V_____________   ||             ||
|               |  G|E| |  /                 \  || Innate      ||
|   visual      |  I|R|S| / Volition FreeWill \ || Latin       ||
|               |  T|G|U| \___________________/ || Vocabulary  ||
|   memory      |  O|O|M| __|____ |  |          | \___________/ |
|               |   | | |(Emotion)|  |          |               |
|   channel     |   | | | \_____/ |  |          |oldest memories|
|               |   | | |   ______V  |          |to be forgotten|
|               |   | | |  /       \ |          |               |
|   _______     |   | | | ( LaThink )|          |newest memories|
|  /new    \    |   |_|_|_ \_______/ |          |to be recycled |
| / percept \   |  / Psy  \     _____V______    |automatically  |
| \ engram  /---|-/concepts\   /  Motorium  \   |by ReJuvenate()|
|  \_______/    | \________/   \____________/   |               |

II. Purpose of the AI4U Textbook PraeScium Latin Mind-Module

The mindboot sequence serves many purposes at the heart of a concept-based artificial intelligence. Chief among them is the function of demonstrating a proof-of-concept AI by enabling the artificial Mind to think immediately upon being run as an AI program. As the earliest conceptual AI Minds evolve and mature into greater sophistication, they must necessarily lose more and more of the mindboot sequence until they become like a human baby with an empty, tabula rasa knowledge base (KB) that must learn everything by experience.

III. Algorithm of the AI4U Textbook PraeScium module

In the knowledge-base (KB) portion, we will want Latin ideas containing important vocabulary.

IV. Contents of the PraeScium bootstrap sequence

  • [sun28apr2019] Homines amant naturam -- "Human beings love nature".
    ---- Allows spreading activation from "naturam";

  • [wed24apr2019] Natura non facit saltum -- "Nature does not make a leap".
    ---- Example of the negation of a verb;
    ---- May show "sideways" spreading activation upon input of "saltum";
    ---- May show "actpsi" activation if another sentence ends with "NATURA".

  • [2019-05-07] Ego intelligo te -- "I understand you".
    ---- Lets default concept of "I" eventually spread activation to "you".
    ---- Allows prompting of self-description from users.

    Candidate ideas

  • actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
    The act does not make [a person] guilty unless the mind should be guilty.

  • Alea Jacta Est -- "The die is cast." -- Julius Caeser

  • Amor Vincit Omnia -- "Love conquers all".

  • Caveat Emptor -- "Let the buyer beware."

  • Cogito Ergo Sum -- "I Think, Therefor I Am"

  • DEUS EST PRIMUM MOVENS -- achieves several things simultaneously.
    ---- It gives a definition of God;
    ---- Introduces adjective "primus, -a, -um";
    ---- Uses extremely famous phrase "PRIMUM MOVENS";
    ---- Demonstrates an example of a participle, "MOVENS".

  • Dis Aliter Visum --

  • Entia non sunt muliplicanda praeter necessitatem.
    Occam's Razor

  • fiat justitia ruat caelum --

  • Homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto.

  • Illigitimis non carborundum --

  • Mens Sana In Corpore Sano -- "A healthy mind in a healthy body

  • Non Compos Mentis --

  • Non uno die facta est Roma -- "Rome was not built in a day".

  • Pecunia non olet

  • Persona non grata

  • Sine Loco, Anno vel Nomine -- S.L.A.N.

  • Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes -- "Who will guard the guards?"

  • "Tertium nihil est"

    Initial words in groups of one hundred per part of speech
    Some words will belong in the special 100-word sequences for each part of speech, while others will belong in the add-on category.

  • ERROR should go first, as a self-report in case something goes wrong.

    Candidate words by concept-number

    100-199 Adjectives in Latin

    alius ("other")
    alter ("other")
    bonus ("good")
    certus ("certain, sure")
    ceterus ("other") -- as in "et cetera"
    cuius ("whose") -- Panhuis "Latin Grammar" section 69
    cunctus ("all")
    dignus ("worthy")
    dulcis ("sweet") -- as in "Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori."
    duo ("two")
    ferus ("wild")
    fortis ("strong")
    gravis ("heavy")
    idem ("same")
    ille (demonstrative "that")
    ipse ("himself, herself, itself")
    iste ("that")
    iuvenis ("young")
    levis ("light") cf. "levitate"
    longus ("long, far")
    magnus ("big, great")
    maior ("greater")
    malus ("bad, evil")
    maximus ("greatest") < br /> medius ("middle")
    melior ("better")
    meus ("my")
    miser ("unhappy, wretched")
    149 multiplicanda -- ("to be multiplied") -- part of Occam's Razor
    multus ("much")
    natus ("born")
    noster ("our")
    novus ("new") as in "NOVUS ORDO SAECLORUM" on dollar bill
    nullus ("no, none")
    omnis ("all, taken as a whole")
    plenus ("full")
    primus ("first")
    prior ("earlier")
    publicus ("public") as in "Pro bono publico"
    quantus ("how big, how much")
    quisque ("each")
    sacer ("sacred")
    sanctus ("holy")
    secundus ("second, favorable")
    senex ("old")
    solus ("only, alone")
    summus ("highest") as in "Summa Theologica"
    suus (reflexive "his, her, its, their")
    talis "such")
    tantus ("only")
    totus ("all, whole")
    tres ("three")
    tuus ("your")
    ullus ("any")
    unus ("one")
    uterque ("each")
    verus ("true")
    vester ("your")

    200-299 Adverbs in Latin

    autem ("however")
    bene ("well")
    deinde ("thereupon")
    enim ("for")
    etiam ("also")
    gratis ("free")
    hic ("here")
    ibi ("there")
    ibidem ("in the same place") [important for style in English writing]
    igitur ("therefore")
    inde ("from there")
    ita ("so, yes")
    itaque ("therefore")
    jam ("already")
    magis ("more")
    nam ("for")
    nisi ("except")
    non ("not") [important for negation of verbs]
    numquam ("never")
    nunc ("now")
    passim ("here and there")
    quam ("than")
    quasi ("as if")
    quin --
    quoque ("also")
    saepe ("often")
    saepenumero ("often")
    semper ("always")
    sic ("thus")
    simul ("at the same time")
    tam ("so")
    tamen ("nevertheless")
    tum ("then")
    tunc ("then")
    245 ubi ("where")
    unde ("from where,whence")
    usque ("towards") as in "quo usque tandem?"
    valde ("very")
    vero ("in truth")

    300-399 Conjunctions in Latin

    -que ("and")
    -v ("or")
    ac ("and")
    at ("but")
    atque "and")
    aut ("or")
    cum ("when")
    dum ("while, provided that")
    362 ergo ("therefore") as in "Cogito ergo sum"
    306 et ("and")
    ne ("lest, in order that not")
    nec ("and not, nor")
    neque ("neither")
    quia ("because")
    quin ("that not")
    quod ("because")
    quominus ("that thereby the less")
    sed ("but")
    si ("if")
    sicut ("as")
    ubi ("where")
    ut ("as, how, in order to")
    vel ("or, if you please") e.g,, "colloquium vel conversatio"

    400-499 Interjections in Latin

  • age

  • ecce

  • en

  • edepol ("by Pollux")

  • heu

  • o

  • vae

    Nouns by concept-number

    517 CONFUCIUS -- 2019-05-17: ("man of Konfu")
    521 DEUS -- 2019-05-09: ("god"); important and useful noun.
    528 ERROR -- 2019-05-09: (error) bugtrap; NewConcept()...
    536 HOMO -- 2019-05-09: ("human being")
    542 NATURA -- 2019-04-27: ("nature")
    563 PECUNIA -- 2019-05-03: ("money")
    580 QUALIA -- 2019-05-09: "qualia" important substantive noun for AI
    583 SALTUS -- 2019-05-09: "leap"; KB: "Natura non facit saltum."
    572 PERSONA -- 2019-04-27: ("person") noun important for robotics

    Nouns by name

    CONFUCIUS 517 -- 2019-05-17: ("man of Konfu")
    DEUS 521 -- 2019-05-09: ("god"); important and useful noun.
    ERROR 528 -- 2019-04-22: (error) bugtrap; NewConcept()...
    HOMO 536 -- 2019-05-09: ("human being")
    NATURA 561 -- 2019-05-09: ("nature")
    PECUNIA 563 -- 2019-05-03: ("money")
    PERSONA 572 -- 2019-04-27: ("person") noun important for robotics
    QUALIA 580 -- 2019-05-09: "qualia" important substantive noun for AI
    SALTUS 583 -- 2019-05-09: "leap"; KB: "Natura non facit saltum."

    Candidate nouns

    ABLUTIO -- ("washing")
    aetas ("age") as in "aetatis suae"
    AMERICA -- ("America")
    amicus -- ("friend") as in "amicus curiae"
    amor -- ("love")
    anima -- ("soul")
    animus -- ("spirit")
    annus -- ("year")
    aqua -- ("water")
    arma (plural) -- ("arms, weapons")
    ars ("art") as in "ars longa, vita brevis"
    aurum ("gold") as in element "Au"
    bellum -- ("war")
    caelum -- ("heavens, sky")
    CAMERA -- ("room, chamber")
    caput -- ("head") as in "per capita"
    carmen -- ("song")
    castra -- ("camp") cf. "Chesterfield", "Worcester"
    514 causa -- ("cause, sake")
    celeritas -- ("speed") as in "E = mc^"
    civitas -- ("city")
    colloquium -- ("discussion")
    COMPANIO -- ("companion, bread-sharer")
    condominium -- ("shared ownership")
    517 CONFUCIUS -- ("man of Konfu")
    consilium -- ("counsel")
    518 corpus -- ("body")
    crepitus -- ("noise")
    cyberspatium -- (neologism "cyberspace");
    521? deus -- ("god")
    dies -- ("day")
    dominus -- ("lord")
    domus -- ("home")
    dux -- ("leader")
    energia -- ("energy") as in "E = mc^"
    526? ENTIA -- ("beings") as in Occam's Razor
    527? equus -- ("horse")
    528? ERROR -- ("mistake, wandering, error")
    fatum -- ("fate")
    fides -- ("faith")
    filius -- ("son")
    531? finis -- ("end")
    fortuna -- "fortune")
    533 frater -- ("brother")
    gens -- ("tribe, race")
    genus -- ("kind")
    536? HOMO -- ("human being")
    honor -- ("honor")
    hostis -- ("enemy")
    ictus -- ("blow")
    ignis -- ("fire")
    ingenium -- ("ingenuity")
    ITALIA -- ("italy")
    iter -- ("journey, route") cf. "ob iter", "iterate, reiterate "
    iuvenis -- ("youth")
    541? labor -- ("work")
    laus -- ("praise") as in "Magna cum laude"
    LAVATORIUM -- ("lavatory")
    lex -- ("law") as in "Vox populi suprema lex esto"
    540 LIBER -- ("book")
    LINGUA -- ("tongue, language")
    littera -- ("letter, character")
    locus -- ("place")
    545 MACHINA -- ("machine")
    manus -- ("hand")
    548 -- Marcus (name "Mark")
    mare -- ("sea") -- as in "Mare Nostrum"
    marsupium -- ("pocket; pouch")
    massa -- ("mass") as in "E = mc^"
    551? mater -- ("mother")
    MEMORIA -- ("memory")
    mens -- ("mind")
    MENSA -- ("table")
    555? META -- ("goal"}
    miles -- ("soldier")
    modus -- ("method, way")
    mons -- "mountain"
    mors -- ("death")
    mos -- ("custom") -- as in "O tempora, O mores"
    mundus -- ("world")
    munus -- ("gift, structure")
    561? NATURA -- ("nature")
    562 NECESSITAS -- ("necessity")
    nomen -- ("name")
    nox -- ("night")
    oculus -- ("eye")
    opus -- ("work")
    orbis -- ("ball, globe, world")
    os, oris -- ("mouth")
    parens -- ("parent")
    569 pars -- ("part")
    571? pater -- ("father")
    patria -- ("fatherland") as in "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"
    572? PERSONA -- ("person")
    573? PECUNIA -- ("money")
    pes -- ("foot")
    populus -- ("people") as in "Vox populi suprema lex esto"
    prandium -- ("lunch")
    541 PROFESSOR -- ("professor")
    puella -- ("girl")
    579 puer -- ("boy")
    580? QUALIA -- ("qualia") as noun
    regnum -- ("reign, kingdom")
    581? res -- ("thing, affair")
    rex -- ("king")
    582 robo -- ("robot")
    RUSSIA -- ("Russia")
    SAL, SALIS -- ("salt") as in "Vos estis sal terrae" or "Cum grano salis"
    583? SALTUS -- ("leap")
    SCHOLA -- ("school")
    SELLA -- ("chair, seat") as in "Sella Turcica" of human brain.
    signum -- ("sign")
    586? SINGULARITAS -- ("Singularity")
    sol -- ("sun")
    588? SOROR -- ("sister") [paired with "frater" (brother)]
    590 STUDENS -- ("student")
    studium -- ("study") as in "Studium generale"
    symposium -- ("meeting")
    591? tempus -- ("time")
    terra -- ("earth, land")
    UNIVERSITAS -- ("university")
    UNIVERSUM -- ("universe")
    urbs -- ("city")
    verbum -- ("word")
    via -- ("way")
    vir -- ("man")
    virtus -- ("strength, virtue")
    vis -- ("force")
    vita -- ("life")
    vox -- ("voice")

    600-699 Prepositions in Latin

    a ("from")
    ab ("from")
    absque ("without")
    ad ("at, towards, to") [May be source of @ sign used in English]
    ante ("before")
    apud ("with, at")
    causa ("for the sake of")
    cis ("on this side of")
    cum ("with")
    de ("about, down from, from")
    e ("out of")
    erga ("towards")
    ex ("out of")
    642 in ("in, on, against")
    infra ("below, beneath") as in "Infra dig(nitatem)"
    instar ("as big as, the size of")
    inter ("between")
    juxta ("next to")
    ob ("on account of")
    per ("through")
    post ("after")
    666 praeter ("except for") as in "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem."
    pro ("for, in front of, before")
    procul ("far from")
    prope ("near")
    propter ("because of, on account of") as in fallacy "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc"
    qua ("as"?) -- a preposition taking the NOMINATIVE? "Caesar qua Caesar"?
    secundum ("according to")
    sine ("without")
    sub ("under")
    subter ("under") as in English "subterfuge"
    super ("above")
    trans ("across")
    uls ("beyond")
    ultra ("beyond")

    700-799 Pronouns in Latin

    700? alicujus --
    702? aliqui ("any, some")
    703? aliqua ("any, some")
    704? aliquid ("something")
    705? aliquis ("someone")
    706? aliquod ("any, some")
    ecqui (" ")
    ecquis (" ")
    701 ego ("I")
    ille ("that man")
    is ("he")
    ipse ("he himself")
    iste ("that" near you)
    istic (" ")
    701 me ("me")
    701 mihi ("to me" -- speculated by Mentifex as possibly formed from "me"+"hic")
    nemo ("nobody")
    760 nihil ("nothing")
    759 nil ("nothing")
    731 nobis ("to us")
    731 nos ("we")
    plus ("more")
    quaelibet ("anyone")
    quaevis ("any one")
    qui ("who")
    quicquam (" ")
    quicquid (" ")
    781 quid ("what"); interrogative pronoun
    quilibet ("anyone")
    quidlibet ("anyone")
    quinam ("which, pray")
    791 quis ("who"); interrogative pronoun
    quisnam ("who, pray")
    quisque ("each")
    quisquis ("whoever")
    quivis ("any one")
    quiviscumque ("whoever"?)
    quod ("what, which")
    quodlibet ("whatever"?) attributive
    satis ("enough")
    se ("self")
    sibi ("to self")
    707 te ("you" or "thou")
    707 tibi ("to you" -- speculated by Mentifex as possibly formed from "tu"+"ibi")
    707 tu ("you" or "thou")
    737 vos ("you" plural)

    800-899 Verbs in Latin

    accipio ("accept")
    adsum ("be present")
    861 AGO ("act, do")
    aio ("say")
    845 AMARE ("love")
    835 AUDIRE ("hear")
    cano ("sing") as in "Arma virumque cano"
    882 capio ("take")
    coepi ("begin") as in "ANNUIT COEPTIS" on American dollar bill
    886 COGITO ("think")
    810 credo ("believe, trust")
    868? CURRO ("run")
    854 debeo ("owe, ought")
    869 dico ("say")
    DO ("give; put")
    884 doceo ("teach")
    duco ("lead")
    829 eo ("go")
    800 est ("is")
    846 facio ("do, make")
    804 FERO ("bear, carry")
    802 fio ("become")
    fleo ("weep")
    fugio ("flee")
    818 gero ("do, accomplish")
    834 habeo ("have")
    866 HABITO ("live, be in residence")
    IGNORO ("not know")
    inquam ("say")
    892 INTELLIGO ("understand")
    824 invenio ("find, come upon")
    iubeo ("order")
    863 lego, legere ("pick, read")
    licet ("is permitted") cf. "license"
    880 loquor ("speak")
    mereo ("earn")
    874 mitto ("send")
    849 moveo ("move")
    850 NESCIO ("not know")
    853 nosco ("know")
    orior ("rise") cf. "orient"
    827 paro ("prepare")
    871 peto ("seek")
    857 placeo ("to please")
    858 pono ("place")
    808 POSSUM ("can, be able")
    puto ("think, consider")
    quaero ("seek")
    reddo ("give back")
    redeo ("go back, return")
    840 relinquo ("leave")
    866 respondeo ("answer")
    838 scio ("know")
    899 scribo ("write")
    823? SENTIO ("feel")
    sequor ("follow") as in "non sequitur"
    875 soleo ("be accustomed")
    sto ("stand")
    SUM ("be; am")
    888? tango ("touch")
    831 teneo ("hold")
    timeo ("fear")
    890 valeo ("be well, be strong")
    812 VENIO ("come")
    870 video ("see")
    vinco ("conquer")
    842 vivo ("live, be alive")
    805? voco ("call")
    897? volo, velle ("wish")

    V. Resources for Mens Latina Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin

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    Paperback book on AI in ancient Latin

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