Prosperity Engine for Human and Robot Society
Based on Artificial Intelligence


The combination of artificial intelligence and robots promises to automate the creation of wealth and prosperity.

1. Rationale

An AI-based economy has the potential to create untold wealth, provoking the question of to whom that wealth should belong and how that wealth should be managed. Over past human history, individuals or families who worked hard could acquire wealth and continue to own it down through the generations. Wealth created by AI, however, loses its connection to hard work by humans and increases its independence from the normal human system of ownership as a reward for enterprise. An AI-based economy on Earth, therefore, belongs more to the whole human race than to any sector of society that merely chanced to have ownership of a factory or corporation in which the AI came into being. There is also the question of whether AI-minded robots form a society in parallel with human society and should therefore be co-owners of the AI Prosperity Engine.

2. Joint Stewardship of Earth

If a robot society emerges beside the traditional human society, there may be a period of time in which humans and robots operately jointly for mutual benefit.

3. Superintelligent AI

As AI-minded robots become superintelligent in comparison with human beings, the ultimate control over society and resources may pass from human possession into robotic ownership.

4. Technological Singularity

There is no guarantee that human plans for the future will remain in effect beyond the point of the coming Technological Singularity.

5. Existential Risks

Humans in coexistence with AI-minded robots have an opportunity to plan for various existential risks that threaten human life in different ways than robot life. With the aid of robots and with the resources of the AI Prosperity Engine, human society may attempt to safeguard against an extermination level event (ELE) such as the impact of an asteroid, or simply to colonize the galaxy so as to keep the human strain in existence.

6. Universal Basic Income

In order equitably to share and distribute the AI Prosperity Engine, human society may ordain that each individual is eligible for a universal basic income as a means of subsistence, with more income available to those who perform work worthy of compensation.

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