Artificial General Intelligence

Standard Model of AGI

Standard Model of open AI

Standard Model of AI

Purposes and Applications

  • Embodiment in robots
    The MindForth program is especially suitable for robots.

  • Machine translation
    Tentative plan for Machine Translation by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Preservation of endangered languages
    The above standard model of conceptual AI may serve as a solution to the problem of preserving a dying language -- one spoken by fewer than 40,000 human beings. If preservationists such as the Endangered Language Alliance embed the grammar and vocabulary of a dying language in a living Mind coded in JavaScript or Perl or some other programming language, the human beings who speak or teach the language will have a powerful resource for enabling their endangered language to live long and prosper. A JavaScript version such as in the dead language Latin serves as a tutorial for a more serious version in Perl or Python or Lisp or whatever. The JavaScript version may include clickable links to additional resources such as an on-line dictionary of the endangered language; or the literature of the language; or any organization working to preserve the language. Other versions such as in Perl may actually be bilingual or multilingual, thinking in both the endangered language and in some other human language so that machine translation becomes an option.

    Paperback book on AI in ancient Latin

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