AI Control Problem as Subject for Science Fiction

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I. First Section: The Control Problem

The Control Problem doth make cowards of us all, because we know how to create artificial intelligence but we do not know how to control it. In real life we are confronted with science-fictionesque scenarios which need to draw ideas from scifi authors who may show us what our choices and our options are in various permutations of the Control Problem.

  • Write an optimistic, cheerful story about solving the AI Control Problem;
  • Create a dystopian tale of Machine Takeover and robots run amok;
  • Describe Maverick AI renegades who create uncontrollable rogue AI on purpose;
  • Adumbrate a Joint Stewardship of Earth in which humans and robots try to cooperate.

    From the briefest of short stories to the longest of multi-volume sagas, AI sci-fi may find expression not only in books and magazines but also in motion pictures and in a multi-season television series, because lim --> *** or "The stars are the limit," according to the grandiloquent Dmitri von Hagen.

    II. Second Section: AI Minds Already in Existence

  • -- MindForth Robot AI in English.

  • -- Forth Robot AI in German.

  • -- Robot AI thinks in English and in Russian.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in English.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in Latin.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in Russian.

    The above AI Minds are not unthinking chatbots built with canned responses, but rather intelligent thinking entities built initially with basic concepts and with the ability to learn a new concept for any new word being learned by the immortal AI. These AI Minds solve the AI-hard problem of Natural Language Understanding by assigning associative tags from concept to concept like in a human brain, so that knowledge is stored in a retrievable and thinkable fashion. The AI Minds are programmed not only in JavaScript, but also in Forth for robots and in Perl for websites.

    III. Third Section: Mentifex A Great American (MAGA)

    You may increase sales and attract reportorial attention if you study up on Mentifex AI material and sprinkle your scifi story with your jewels of expertise in Mentifex AI mind-design. You have perhaps noticed fans of Mentifex sci and scifi wearing red Mentifex A Great American (MAGA) caps all across the country. Jump on the bandwagon and make science fiction great again.

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