Frequently Asked Questions about Mentifex artificial intelligence

English and Russian bilingual AI in Perl

Mens Latina in Latin -- MindForth for Robots


1. Introduction

2. Bibliography: What books has Mentifex written about AI?

3. Psychography: What minds has Mentifex created for Strong AI?

4. History of the Mentifex AI project

5. Implications of Mentifex AI

6. What is the likely future time-line of Mentifex AI?

7. Self-modifying code for AI-Go-FOOM!

8. How can I use Mentifex AI to write my thesis or my dissertation?

9. Ways to help or get involved in Mentifex AI

10. Proto-Index of Mentifex Autobiography

1. Introduction

Q. Who was Mentifex?

A. Mentifex was an independent scholar in the field of concept-based artificial intelligence with natural language understanding (NLU).

Q. What was the education of Mentifex?

A. Mentifex attended various schools, including South Margarita Elementary School in the Panama Canal Zone; Blanchet High School in Seattle WA USA; the University of Washington (B.A., Latin and Greek classics) in Seattle; U Cal Berkeley; U.S. Army Electronics School at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama; Nuclear Training Directorate at Sandia base, New Mexico; and the University of Goettingen in Germany.

Q. Why did Mentifex claim to have released the First Working Artificial General Intelligence?

A. Because the Mentifex AGI Minds started thinking primitively in 2008, they were immediately the First Working AGI but their performance was not at all impressive. Ih the following years, the AGI Minds expanded outwards from their initial core functionality. They were still based on brain-like concepts, not statistics. They still exhibited machine learning like a human child learns, and not by a mathematical massaging of enormous data-sets. They began to approach machine consciousness with self-referential thought. Using the SpreadAct module for spreading activation from concept to concept, the Minds in Perl and in JavaScript and in Forth became capable of processing more and more kinds of questions and ideas, such as "who are you" and "what do you think". Since the Perl AI could think in English or in Russian, became an experiment bed for new ideas in machine translation (MT).

Q. Why did Mentifex say that AI has been solved?

A. It was a way to invite Netizens to try to disprove an Extraordinary Scientific Claim (ESC). Curiously, it was also the basis for the Reddit user name AiHasBeenSolved which could be maliciously downvoted by brigades of Mentifex-bashers but still carry a message so intriguing that Netizens would be eager to read the downvoted message.

Q. What would be a typical test of Mentifex AI?

A. Suppose we tell the Perl AI two things:

  • John has a house
  • John has a car
  • Suppose we then ask the AI:
  • What does John have
  • We tried it just now and the gave us the following output:


    When we tell the Mens Latina AI "marcus est professor" ("Marcus is a professor"), the artificial intelligence in Latin language asks us "Scribitne Marcus libros?" ("Does Marcus write books?"). Our answer in Latin causes the retroactive adjustment of the knowledge base (KB) with the true fact that Marcus either does or does not write books. Mens Latina is a free resource for the study of Latin, artificial intelligence and JavaScript.

    When we tell the Dushka AI "марк студент" for "Mark is a student", the artificial intelligence in Russian language asks us "Марк ли читает книги?" ("Does Mark read books?"). Our answer in Russian causes the retroactive adjustment of the knowledge base (KB) with the true fact that Mark either does or does not read books. Душка is a free resource for the study of Russian, artificial intelligence and JavaScript.

    Q. What was Mentifex-bashing?


    Q. In May of 2019, why was Mentifex afraid that the USA would attack Iran?

    A. With non-essential personnel being sent home from the American Embassy in Iraq, Mentifex was terrified that the Trump regime would launch aerial attacks on Iran from American aircraft carriers, and that immediately Iran would retaliate with sleeper agents in America setting off nuclear suitcase bombs, poisoning American air and drinking water, and engaging in germ warfare with deadly superbugs, influenzas and incurable diseases. Detroit will probably survive, but Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City could easily be destroyed by the detonation of nuclear suitcase weapons purchased from former Soviet republics when Iran was flush with oil money. Millions of Americans will die for Trump, any surviving American government will declare endless Martial Law, and Americans who protest will be gunned down like the Chinese victims at Tiananmen Square.

    Q. Was Mentifex on Twitter?

    A. No. Somebody created a fake Mentifex Twitter account. However, Netizens desirous of Search Engine Optimization could make periodic tweets about Mentifex AI and come to the attention of persons and agencies tracking all mention of #Mentifex.

    Q. Why did Mentifex code his main, concept-based artificial intelligence in Perl, a moribund language being replaced Web-wide with Python?

    A. Perl was chosen mainly for the sake of Unicode -- "a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems." Thanks to Unicode, Mentifex was able to release the original Perlmind which could think in both English and Russian, and which Mentifex was naively offering as a free gift to the ungrateful Perl community, who, instead of greeting the newcomer Mentifex with hospitality and brogrammer brotherhood, and with gladness that Mentifex was putting so much energy into possibly a revival of moribund Perl, au contraire, mon frere turned savagely against Mentifex and vilified him with vile epithets that said more about the disreputable characters infesting the Perl subReddit than about hard-working, self-sacrificing Mentifex. Not thinking for themselves but, in the manner of bound-for-prison Trump supporters, accepting and perpetuating old aspersions against Mentifex, the guardians of Perl tried to keep curious Perl coders from going down the "rabbit hole" of Mentifex artificial intelligence, deleting and denigrating the humble contributions that Mentifex was trying to share with the Perl community. With his childlike sense of trust and wonder, Mentifex was hoping to make Perl the epicenter of true, concept-based AI with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and to create glamorous new AI jobs for expert Perl programmers. Mentifex, before he was deleted, banned and practically burned at the stake, was imagining Fortune 500 companies hiring fifty Perl programmers to each work on one of the fifty AI mind-modules in Perl. Mentifex envisioned every nation on Earth adopting Perl with Unicode for artificial intelligence in their own national language. Mentifex anticipated governments rushing into Perl artificial intelligence to keep up with other nations in the AI arms-race towards a Technological Singularity. But if the so-called Perl community does not want Mentifex, Mentifex must shake the dust from his shoes and wander the Web in search of a friendly community more accepting of new ideas.

    2. Bibliography: What books has Mentifex written about AI?

    Inexpensive, easy-to-read paperback and Amazon Kindle e-books were
    a way to spread the memes of free, open-source Mentifex Strong AI.

    AI4U was about the Mentifex AI state of the art in 2002.
    ai4ubook.html provides material beyond the 2002 AI4U textbook.

    The Art of the meme told the history of the Mentifex AI project.

    Singularity (in the Psyborg series) was AI science fiction.

    InFerence was about automated reasoning with inference.

    Artificial Intelligence in German is about Wotan German AI.

    3. Psychography: What minds has Mentifex created for Strong AI? -- Mens Latina in ancient Latin -- MindForth in English -- in German -- in English -- in Russian -- in Perl

    4. History of the Mentifex AI project

    An Amazon Kindle e-book, The Art of the Meme, is actually a history of the Mentifex AI project.

    5. Implications of Mentifex AI mentions the AI Mind project. is a patent that cites Mentifex MindForth. -- mentions the MindForth AGI architecture. -- wants to write an AI better than Mentifex. -- discusses Mentifex Russian AI. -- as described in!topic/ -- discussion on AGI mailing list.

    6. Future time-line

    Q. What is the likely future time-line of Mentifex AI?

    A. We can view the future development of Mentifex AI in stages. As of 2019, in Stage One the independent AI scholar Mentifex develops the open-source AI Minds in Perl for webservers, in JavaScript for tutorial purposes, and in Forth for embodiment in robots. Any one of the prototype AI Minds could lead to a break-out phenomenon where parties other than Mentifex either translate the existing AI codebase into their own version of AI for further development, or adopt and adapt one of the pre-existing AI Minds for their own in-house development of AI. It is also possible that a non-Mentifex developer of AI will simply borrow interesting ideas from Mentifex AI. A further possibility in Stage One is that various entities like Russia or China may in secret be developing one or more of the Mentifex AI Minds in a major effort to present the world with a fait accompli of advanced AI technology.

    Stage Two is a scenario where entities other than the originator Mentifex latch onto one of the AI Minds and fork its further development into their own branch of AI evolution. These forking entities with their "Aw, fork!" attitude may be individuals working artistically in a garret or dweebishly and nerdily in a basement, coding AI day after day into the night and into the history books. Imagine a community of such people, sharing tidbits and brag-bits like the otaku zoku of Japan, boasting about some new feature that they add to their AI, or some form of robot embodiment, or their venture into quantum computer AI coding or biomass neuronal architecture. Not too likely, perhaps, but consider the other entities who create AI not in garrets or basements but in high school or university laboratories, or in corporate workspaces, or in government facilities.

    A corporate IT (information technology) department could establish an AI bunker apart from all other corporate functions and staff it with an initial team of department head, software development staff, AI safety oversight committee, and robotic embodiment personnel. The race is on. No one can predict here whether such AI efforts will remain open-source like the original AI Minds, or be released publicly, or be described in scholarly papers at public conventions. But all such corporate AI efforts will be subject to the same law of evolution: Survival of the Fittest.

    Stage Three is a Technological Singularity which by its very definition defies description.

    7. Self-modifying code for AI-Go-FOOM!

    Q. How can we make a mentifex-class AI that replicates and enhances itself?

    A. Certainly with the AI in Perl, and possibly also with MindForth, especially in Perl it is easy to write code that will read in its own program as a file, insert any new words or new ideas into the MindBoot sequence, write the expanded AI as a file, schedule the to die soon, and start the running as an enhanced AI ready to replicate itself and enhance itself even more.

    8. How can I use Mentifex AI to write my thesis or my dissertation?

    Q. Can I do research on Mentifex AI as such?

    A. Yes. Various points of entry into a scholarly treatment of Mentifex AI include:

    9. Ways to help or get involved in Mentifex AI

    Q. Can I join the Mentifex project?

    A. Yes, inasmuch as the Mentifex project is a loosely knit collaboration of individuals all working towards the same general goal of Artificial General Intelligence. You may Join the Discussion at with your e-mail address and you may either lurk or participate actively in the Darwinian process of Survival of the Fittest as applied to the creation and evolution of AI Minds. You may work on your own branch of AI evolution or you may specialize in one or more mind-modules common to almost every species of AI Mind. You may finance your work and monetize your efforts by hiring out as an AI Mind Maintainer or by writing books, blogposts, articles, user-manuals and other paraphernalia deontic to the Mentifex AI project. As you become an expert on Mentifex AI, register with a speakers' bureau and go on the lecture circuit for talks and consultations where you share your expertise. If you are of the one gender-persuasion and you want to attract the other, casually mention amid the tinkle of juice-glasses that you know all there is to know about AGI and gush with enthusiasm when your fellow AGI-Summit attendee or happy-hour inebriator widens the eyes in amazement at your discreet charms of the non-bourgeoisie. Watching you win like the champion that you are, let the luzers mutter, "What does (s)he have that I haven't got?" in their ignorance of the winner-take-all aspects of the race towards AGI. In your own work on democratized, open-source artificial general intelligence, you can

    10. Proto-Index of Mentifex Autobiography

    ---- Lake Goodwin mylife20
    ---- trip to San Francisco -- mylife21
    Eccles, Sir John Carew, Nobelist
    ---- correspondence with -- mylife33
    Hubel, David, Nobelist
    ---- letter from -- mylife33
    Love, First
    ---- brother of -- mylife18
    ---- cover girl; R.N. -- mylife27
    Love, Second
    ---- Husky Hollow mylife15
    ---- volunteer for Senator Barry Goldwater mylife18
    ---- intro to Grandma; phone contact mylife20
    ---- Commissar Lady mylife21
    ---- birthday present (sewing scissors) mylife24
    ---- rejection by; father of -- mylife25
    Love, Third
    ---- sudden question about Second Love mylife20
    ---- cover girl -- mylife27
    Love, Fourth
    ---- sketchy details; R.N. mylife27
    Mind, Theory of
    ---- AI breakthrough -- mylife32
    Moravec, Hans
    ---- Mind Children mylife01
    Naiden, James Richard
    ---- Latin SAT test -- mylife17
    Nixon, Richard Milhouse
    ---- chance meeting with -- mylife16
    Nuclear Training Directorate
    ---- study at -- mylife23
    Parr, Larry
    ---- together in freshman English -- mylife18
    School of the Americas
    ---- going to the dentist -- mylife08
    Stark, Detlef
    ---- Germanicisms -- mylife20
    ---- trip to San Francisco with Aardvark mylife21
    Turner, Floyd, "The Doukhobor"
    ---- chance meeting with -- mylife19
    ---- burning American flag -- mylife21
    von Hagen, Dmitri
    ---- Sea-Tac airport pick-up -- mylife26

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