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Frequently Asked Questions about Mentifex artificial intelligence


1. Introduction

2. Bibliography: What books has Mentifex written about AI?

3. Psychography: What minds has Mentifex created for Strong AI?

4. History of the Mentifex AI project

5. Implications of Mentifex AI

6. Self-modifying code for AI-Go-FOOM!

7. How can I use Mentifex AI to write my thesis or my dissertation?

8. Ways to help or get involved in Mentifex AI

1. Introduction

Q. Who was Mentifex?

A. Mentifex was a very ordinary person with a very unusual hobby --
making artificial Minds.

Q. Why did Mentifex claim to have released the First Working Artificial General Intelligence?

A. Because the Mentifex AGI Minds started thinking primitively in 2008, they were immediately the First Working AGI but their performance was not at all impressive. Ih the following years, the AGI Minds expanded outwards from their initial core functionality. They were still based on brain-like concepts, not statistics. They still exhibited machine learning like a human child learns, and not by a mathematical massaging of enormous data-sets. They began to approach machine consciousness with self-referential thought. Using the SpreadAct module for spreading activation from concept to concept, the Minds in Perl and in JavaScript and in Forth became capable of processing more and more kinds of questions and ideas, such as "who are you" and "what do you think". Since the Perl AI could think in English or in Russian, became an experiment bed for new ideas in machine translation (MT).

Q. Was Mentifex on Twitter?

A. No. Somebody created a fake Mentifex Twitter account.

Q. What was Mentifex-bashing?


Q. Why are some Netizens obsessed with Mentifex?

A. As What's-His-Name said, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" -- until they discover the Teilhard-de-Chardin-esque phenomenon of Mentifex. Suddenly it appears possible to live vicariously not like Walter Mitty, but like the distilled essence of dweebian nerdism taken to its ultimate extreme, to a kind of snap-to-grid of what happens when you defy conventionality and you super-nova into a Nietzschean Abgeloestsein von allen Banden der Liebe und Moral and you Beethovenize your otherwise and outwardly drab life with what would be magic in the fetters of embourgeoisement. The Obsessed Ones write often of their e.g. obsession:
... -- can't summon banned Mentifex
... -- about Mentifex
... -- about strange Mentifex

2. Bibliography: What books has Mentifex written about AI?

Inexpensive, easy-to-read paperback and Amazon Kindle e-books were
a way to spread the memes of free, open-source Mentifex Strong AI.

AI4U was about the Mentifex AI state of the art in 2002.
ai4ubook.html provides material beyond the 2002 AI4U textbook.

The Art of the meme told the history of the Mentifex AI project.

Singularity (in the Psyborg series) was AI science fiction.

InFerence was about automated reasoning with inference.

Artificial Intelligence in German is about Wotan German AI.

3. Psychography: What minds has Mentifex created for Strong AI? -- MindForth in English -- in German -- in English -- in Russian -- in Perl

4. History of the Mentifex AI project

An Amazon Kindle e-book, The Art of the Meme, is actually a history of the Mentifex AI project.

5. Implications of Mentifex AI mentions the AI Mind project. is a patent that cites Mentifex MindForth. -- mentions the MindForth AGI architecture. -- wants to write an AI better than Mentifex. -- discusses Mentifex Russian AI. -- as described in!topic/

6. Self-modifying code for AI-Go-FOOM!

Q. How can we make a mentifex-class AI that replicates and enhances itself?

A. Certainly with the AI in Perl, and possibly also with MindForth, especially in Perl it is easy to write code that will read in its own program as a file, insert any new words or new ideas into the MindBoot sequence, write the expanded AI as a file, schedule the to die soon, and start the running as an enhanced AI ready to replicate itself and enhance itself even more.

7. How can I use Mentifex AI to write my thesis or my dissertation?

Q. Can I do research on Mentifex AI as such?

A. Yes. Various points of entry into a scholarly treatment of Mentifex AI include:

8. Ways to help or get involved in Mentifex AI

Q. Can I join the Mentifex project?

A. Yes, inasmuch as the Mentifex project is a loosely knit collaboration of individuals all working towards the same general goal of Artificial General Intelligence. You may Join the Discussion at with your e-mail address and you may either lurk or participate actively in the Darwinian process of Survival of the Fittest as applied to the creation and evolution of AI Minds. You may work on your own branch of AI evolution or you may specialize in one or more mind-modules common to almost every species of AI Mind. You may finance your work and monetize your efforts by hiring out as an AI Mind Maintainer or by writing books, blogposts, articles, user-manuals and other paraphernalia deontic to the Mentifex AI project. As you become an expert on Mentifex AI, register with a speakers' bureau and go on the lecture circuit for talks and consultations where you share your expertise. If you are of the one gender-persuasion and you want to attract the other, casually mention amid the tinkle of juice-glasses that you know all there is to know about AGI and gush with enthusiasm when your fellow AGI-Summit attendee or happy-hour inebriator widens the eyes in amazement at your discreet charms of the non-bourgeoisie. Watching you win like the champion that you are, let the luzers mutter, "What does (s)he have that I haven't got?" in their ignorance of the winner-take-all aspects of the race towards AGI. In your own work on democratized, open-source artificial general intelligence, you can


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