Artificial Intelligence for You (AI4U)

Image of AI4U found in Hong Kong University library
AI4U on the shelves in Honk Kong University Library
I. Abiding Value of AI4U

The Mentifex AI project has made a double contribution to artificial intelligence: theory and software. The AI4U book from 2002 retains value over time by illustrating the AI theory with diagrams at the start of each chapter for any given AI mind-module. Each diagram or flowchart shows the interaction of mind-modules to achieve thinking and reasoning and Natural Language Understanding.

II. AI Mind Software Pertinent to AI4U

  • -- MindForth Robot AI in English.

  • -- Forth Robot AI in German.

  • -- Robot AI thinks in English and in Russian.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in English.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in Latin.

  • -- JavaScript Robot AI Mind thinks in Russian.

    III. History of the AI4U textbook.

    Image of AI4U found at Second Story Books

    1998 -- creation of GeoCities webpages which became AI4U chapters

    2001 -- migration of GeoCities webpages to SourceForge Mind project

    2002 -- print-on-demand publication of AI4U by iUniverse.

    2003 -- creation of on-line Index for AI4U

    2020 -- Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin is a successor to AI4U by dint of updating the AI cognitive architecture with new AI mind-modules.

    2022 -- Mentifex Autograph Authentication -- shows hundreds of collectible postcards mailed with the autograph of Mentifex in order to raise the issue of whether the AI work of Mentifex is valuable enough to make the signed postcards be valuable.

    IV. Venues for Purchasing AI4U -- search eBay for "AI4U"

    V. Pertinent Books

    AI4U (paperback) --

    AI4U (hardbound) --

    The Art of the Meme (Kindle eBook) --

    Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin (paperback) --

    Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin (Kindle eBook) --

    Artificial Intelligence in German (Kindle eBook) --

    InFerence at Amazon USA (Kindle eBook) --

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