State of the Art in Artificial General Intelligence


We list various important AI or AGI projects and we track their progress. We invite Web passim critique of what these projects are doing right and what they could improve on.

I. The Consortium, Please. (List of Projects in Alphabetical Order)

II. SitRep Stat -- What are they doing?

III. RoadMap -- What are they planning?

As AGI projects mature, their thought-leaders (q.v.) love to announce ambitious and comprehensive RoadMaps towards AGI. With bated breath, the world is waiting for the pre-announced and soon-to-appear RoadMap from the GoodAI Project. Other RoadMaps have come and gone, such as the following.
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Now your AGI Project can have its own RoadMap -- either internally or for public astonishment, envy and emulation. Just pick some target AGI goals from the deontic Menu and map out your road to their accomplishment. Take into consideration the skills and desires of your onboard personnel, plus your own perhaps considerable ability to poach promising talent from other AGI Projects or related beehives of computer science/robotics talent. All is fair in love and war, and the race is to the fleet. History does not care who gets there first; History cares who gets there best.

IV. PriorArt -- Something for all serious AGI projects to build on

One of the AGI lone mavericks has created a functional Artificial Mind composed of the bare minimum of roughly fifty AGI mind-modules.

V. Deontic Menu -- Can these projects be saved?

All unhappy AGI Projects are unhappy in different ways. All happy AGI Projects follow the deontic menu.

VI. Join the Club -- The Race is On

Any corporation, any ambitious individual of means, any university, nation or organization may join in the stampede towards Artificial General Intelligence. Just pick from the above deontic menu, or roll your own. Imperium sine fine dedi, quoth the not-so-poetaster.

If you know of any emerging AGI project, please get Banksy to paint a mural about it, or post what you know in one of the usual venues.

AGI Mail List

VII. Tracking -- How to Track these Open (or not so Open) AGI Projects

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