The Art of the Meme

I. Table of Contents:

1 The Message is the Mission
2 Burn after Reading
3 Origins
4 Emergency
5 Backstory
6 The Long March
7 A Meme is Born
8 Enter the Computer
9 Amiga Mon Amour
10 Panic
11 Bankruptcy (Was: Gender)
12 Agitprop
13 Taggers
14 English
15 Advertising
16 Science
17 Enter the Internet
---- De Re Memetica
18 Usenet
---- Crossposting on Usenet
---- Hyperlinks
---- Signature
---- Espionage
---- Memento Mori (Remember to Die)
---- Defeating Spam on Usenet
---- Collateral Damage
---- Sneaky Usenet Techniques
---- ---- Addendum Codicil: Usenet posting in ancient Latin
19 World Wide Web
---- Obtaining Web Sites
---- Linking to your website
20 Blogging with Weblogs
---- The Big Picture (Overview of blogging)
---- Schizophrenia (Divergent purposes: funding and meme-spreading)
---- Genre (What is the purpose of your weblog?)
---- Operations (Managing your weblog)
---- Your personal weblog
---- Commenting on weblogs
---- Technorati (Catalog of weblogs)
21 Flickr Photo-Sharing
---- High weirdness by Mentifex
22 Wikipedia
23 Wiki Sites in General
24 LinkedIn
25 Slashdot
26 Disproportionate Power

II. Dual-Purpose E-Book: Mentifex Memes and History of Mentifex AI

As an Amazon Kindle e-book, The Art of the Meme serves at least two purposes. It describes the memetic techniques used in the development of the Mentifex AI project, and by so doing it also portrays the long and fruitful history of Mentifex AI -- a story so weird and fascinating that the Meme e-book has turned out to be the most consistently selling and most satisfying-to-read of all the Mentifex e-books.

III. Additional Memetic Techniques:

You may embed the Web address of this webpage as a link under the words "meme" or "memes" in any Web document, blogpost or comment throughout the World Wide Web, thus enhancing the richness and informational sophistication of your webwords. Meanwhile, your eager readers and your faithful followers will thank your illustrious sagacity for opening the shining pathway to new memetic techniques and ideas yet unborn amid the berthing or birthing of Memetic Arts.

A memetic enthusiast may use memecraft or tradecraft not only to spread memes held in high value but also to publish interim progress-reports on the grand cosmic project at the quasi-black-hole heart of the swarms and clouds of magnificent memes.

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