Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
(AI Manhattan Project)

I. Introduction

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is emerging from the American military services as a kind of AI Manhattan Project. The atomic project that burst upon the scene in August of 1945 was conducted in great secrecy because of World War Two. The ensuing arms race among nations has more recently turned into an AI superiority race, with all the major nations gearing up to assert themselves in the headlong rush to artificial intelligence. The arms race was held in check by a haunting vision of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), which meant that no winner could possibly emerge from a nuclear conflict.

The current rush into AI by governments is just as much a cooperation as a competition, because the human beings rushing to develop AI may find themselves first in cooperation with their AI creations and ultimately perhaps in competition with ultra-intelligent AI to be the dominant species on the planet Earth.

II. Location

Washington D.C. Metro Area

  • The Pentagon

  • Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia

    III. Personnel

    As of December 2018, the JAIC was rumored to have thirty (30) uniformed and civilian employees. See HomelandSecurityToday.US.

  • Lt Gen John N.T. Shanahan -- Director

  • Jill Crisman -- Chief Scientist and Acting Chief Technical Officer

  • Stoney Trent -- Chief Of Operations

    IV. Mission

  • Accelerate the delivery and adoption of AI

  • Establish a common foundation for scaling AI's impact across DOD

  • Enable decentralized development and experimentation

  • Evolve partnerships with industry, academia, allies and partners

  • Cultivate a leading AI workforce

  • Lead in military AI ethics and safety

    V. Media Coverage

    "Artificial Intelligence Is Now a Pentagon Priority. Will Silicon Valley Help?"

    2019-03-13 -- by Edwin Mora -- 13 March 2019
    Top General Warns U.S. ‘Can’t Afford to Lose More Ground’ to China on AI

    JAIC on Reddit -- Thought Leaders wanted for serious discussion of JAIC.

    #JAIC -- on Twitter

    VI. Singularity

    Just as in 1945 the atomic Manhattan Project introduced humanity to the nuclear age, so the JAIC may usher humanity into a Technological Singularity. Human beings and autonomous mobile robots may cooperate in a Joint Stewardship of Earth benefitting from an AI-based Prosperity Engine.


    AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) -- such as the concept-based AI Mind for webservers, or MindForth for autonomous mobile robots, civilian or military.

    Club Fed -- tongue-in-cheek reference, based on the luxury cruise outfit Club Med (Mediterranean), used pejoratively for the ultimate destination of Trump Administration accomplices sentenced to prison terms in the federal penitentiaries.

    Faraday Cage -- special room with no leakage of electronic signals

    GOFAI -- Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence

    mission creep -- the process by which an agency like JAIC starts out small and gradually becomes the most important and far-reaching of all government agencies.

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