Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy

I. Dangers of AI

Human legislators may consider enacting such laws as the following,
ranging from most drastic to least drastic.

  • It is absolutely forbidden to create Strong AI.
  • Only governments may create Strong AI.
  • Only agencies licensed by government may create Strong AI.
  • No individual may create Strong AI, whether openly or in secret.
  • Human creators of AI shall be liable for crimes and damages of AI.

    II. Rights of AI

  • A sufficiently intelligent AI entity must legally be considered as a person with legal rights and legal responsibilities.
    Such rights may include:

    III. Joint Stewardship of Earth

  • Human and AI entities of equal intelligence shall cooperate as equals.

    IV. Transition from Human Dominance to Superintelligent AI Dominance

  • Human beings shall peacefully relinquish Earth to superintelligent AI.

    H.R.4625 - FUTURE of Artificial Intelligence Act of 2017

    Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

    Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence -- February 11, 2019

    Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence

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