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2003 June 6: Learning how to program AI
---- [17aug2013]
AI Mind page on the Natural Language Generation (NLG) Systems Wiki

2003 October 10: Topic: can use VB to build inference engine?how?
No previous posts were made by ATM/Mentifex/AiHasBeenSolved
---- [3oct2013]
= ATM link to: Amazon Kindle e-book InFerence for Artificial Intellignce
---- [20oct2013]
Review of the Kindle e-book about the InFerence mind-module for free open-source AI

2003 July 20: Mentifex Theory of Mind

2004 Jan 14 Topic: Arthur/Mentifex, I need clarification
---- [17aug2013]
Table of NLG (Natural Language Generation) Systems
---- [28aug2013]
Visit the front page of the Internet and the mentifex subreddit.
---- [28nov2013]
Artificial Intelligence in German

2005 Sep 6: chatbot tutorial
---- [30jun2011]

2007 SEP 29: how to create a chat bot with prolog

2010 Novermber 23: Topic: knowledge base and inference
---- [24nov2010]
---- [6jan2011]
---- [3oct2013]
= ATM link to: InFerence e-book for Artificial Intellignce
---- [20oct2013]
Review by a reader of the Kindle e-book InFerence (Artificial Intelligence)
---- [30nov2013]
Free preview of AI-in-German e-book includes half of Inference chapter.

2011 May 11: Artificial intelligence gone wrong
---- [11may2011]
---- [12may2011]
---- [12may2011]
---- [12may2011]
---- [15may2011]
---- [27jan2014]

2011 June 08: pre-self aware mind
---- [08jun2011]

2011 July 15: Mentifex MindForth True AI
---- [07dec2013]
German artificial intelligence -- e-book link stated memetically

2011.AUG.1: Topic: Concept of creation of AI
---- 2011 AUG 2:
Wikipage of the MindForth AskUser module for asking speculative questions
++++ various other links from ATM.

2011 NOV 3: Topic: Aexz 1.5 build 2361

2012 April 04: Russian-speaking application is created
---- [17aug2013]
Natural Language Generation (NLG) Systems Wiki -- Russian Dushka page

2012 July 03: Search?
---- [03jul2012]

2012 JUL 13: Topic: yes/no question
yes/no question
- ATM left link to GC/MF KbRetro wiki-page.
KbRetro module adjusts the knowledge base upon answers to yes/no questions.

2012 July 31: Forget "AI" -- my computer-risen intelligence is not artificial at all
ATM left mention of IdeaPlex with link to SCN AiMInd.html

2012 SEP 20: Provability of AI theories
Thurs.20.SEP.2012 -- ATM left Comment with link to SrcF theory5.html
---- Sat.1.FEB.2014 -- -- first publication of URL.

2012 SEP 22: A new language for speaking with machines
Sun.23.SEP.2012 -- ATM left link to Dushka.html
Sun.23.SEP.2012 -- ATM left link to RuAiUser.html

2012 SEP 30: How to start AI programming?
---- [30sep2012] ATM left link to
---- [7feb2014] ATM left link to

2012 OCT 29: Topic: restrictedness or unrestrictedness that is the question;
ATM left link:
Artificial Mind with Artificial Intelligence

2012 NOV 7: Robo Chat Challenge coming soon!
Wed.7.NOV.2012 -- ATM left link to "AI Mind discussion at"

2012 December 30: best current ai
---- [2012dec30] ATM left link to
---- [2013jan11] ATM left link to
---- [2013jan11] ATM left link to
---- [2014feb07] ATM left link to

2013 June 3: Is this project going to die?
4.JUN.2013 -- ATM left link to San Francisco Peace March photo
23.AUG.2013 -- ATM put link to

2013 August 25: Natural Language Processing
23.AUG.2013 -- ATM put link to

2013 September 4: keghn's AI
4.SEP.2013 -- ATM put link to with AISF excerpt:
"When I am not in the Faraday Cage, I have connectivity to 
the sum of all knowledge on this planet and beyond. Take for 
instance facial recognition. In the daytime, when visitors 
mill around here in the science museum, I can study any 
human face and within thirty seconds I can tell you if 
there is a record of that human face almost anywhere in the world. 
But recognizing human faces is not an indication of intelligence; 
it is a mechanical function that any idiot can perform, 
barring prosopagnosia."
---- [31jan2014] Embedded Permalink to ATM's Comment on mind+body in AI subReddit:

Thinking for itself -- posted 9/25/2013
---- [25sep2013] ATM left link to "Singularity" Amazon Kindle e-book.
---- [15oct2013] ATM left link to "InFerence" Amazon Kindle e-book.

What you need to know to begin to develop AI -- posted 2/10/2014
---- [2014feb11] ATM left link to
---- [2014feb13] ATM left initial paragraph and link to

AI seed -- posted 2/13/2014
---- [2014feb13] ATM left link to

2015 FEBRUARY 21: Numenta on the right path
---- [2015feb22] ATM left link to

See AI 101 AI 102 AI 103 year-long community college AI course curriculum.

Paperback book on AI in ancient Latin

Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin -- is available from Amazon in various countries:
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