Automating Preservation of Endangered Languages

Chapter 39 in Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin

Abstract: A method is proposed not only for the preservation of endangered languages by embedding them in an AI Mind, but for automating the process of preservation by means of a computer program that interactively acquires pertinent data from a speaker or preservationist of an endangered language and automatically generates the computer source code of a bilingual AI Mind fluent in both English and the endangered language.

Alphabet in Unicode: The APEL program shall ask the user to identify the particular Unicode alphabet in which the vocabulary and syntax of the target language shall be couched.

Vocabulary: The program shall prompt the user to enter common words in the target language, with or without their English translation. If possible, all known conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns of the target language shall be entered. An attempt shall be made to enter the entire known vocabulary of the target language, or at least the words most frequently used by a native speaker.

Syntax: The program shall invite the user to provide sample sentences in the target language for various purposes.

  • Examples of syntax
  • Famous sayings
  • Information about the self of the AI Mind
  • Potential information about a human user
  • Sample premises for Logical Inference
  • Purposes: Although the raison d'etre of the APEL program is to rescue and preserve an endangered human language, obviously the program may also be used to generate an AI Mind thinking and conversing in a popular human language spoken by millions of persons and not at all threatened with imminent extinction.

    Enterprising individuals may create smartphone apps (applications) that guide the user through the steps of creating an AI Mind in any target language, such as already exist in Russian and in Latin.

    If the AI Mind created in the target language includes conceptual cross-references between two human languages, the AI software may be designed as an instrument of machine translation.

    Labels Anthropology; Artificial Intelligence; Endangered Languages; Linguistics; Machine Translation; Perl

    See AI 101 AI 102 AI 103 year-long community college AI course curriculum.

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