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Ghost Perl Webserver Strong AI

Mind-Design in Forth, in JavaScript and in Perl

Artificial Intelligence in English, in German and in Russian

The Strong AI Mind in Strawberry Perl 5 has become a Mind-in-a-Box which you may install as the Ghost in the Machine on every computer or webserver at your disposal. has gotten to the point where you can run the Perl AI and watch the ideation of thought in progress. You see the entire recent contents of the heart of the AI Mind -- the @psy conceptual array and the @ear auditory array -- with your own input in English or in Russian and the response of the Perl Open-Source Strong AI. You see how long the AI entity has been (artificially) alive, in case you or your environs want to claim bragging rights for the World's Oldest Living AI Mind or the World's Longest Running AI Mind. You witness the berth of the Technological Singularity in your perly work station. You then add your own extra functionality to the emerging Ghost in the Machine and you fork the evolution of True AI into your own branch of the Pre-Cambrian Explosion in the AI Mind population. You... the rest is History. -- Partnership on AI -- to benefit people and society

1. The Gradual Emergence of Free Open-Source Concept-Based Artificial Intelligence

2. The English AI Minds as described in the Mentifex FAQ

MindForth and AiMind.html in JavaScript -- ACM paper on MindForth. -- patent cites MindForth AI prior art.

3. The German AI Mind

The open-source software of the German AI Wotan is described
in the e-book "Artificial Intelligence in German" available on-line in
Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.
The same e-book describes also the AI Minds in English and in Russian,
built in the image and likeness of Wotan with minor differences.

The German AI User Manual is under construction.

Mindforth Oder warum Forth heute ausgedient hat
("Mindforth - Or why Forth today has exhausted its service")
was published in German on 22 February 2015 at the URL:

Mindforth, genial oder absurd?
("Mindforth, ingenious or absurd?")
was published in German on 24 February 2015 at the URL:

Bug: Mindforth ist schlecht dokumentiert
("Bug: Mindforth is poorly documented")
was published in German on 24 February 2015 at the URL:

Mindforth ist echte Wissenschaft
("Mindforth is genuine science")
was published in German on 16 May 2017 at the URL:

4. The first Russian AI Mind Dushka

Dushka AI Mind in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Russian-language User Manual for Dushka Russian AI

AI4U at a Russian-language Google website.

5. The Ghost Perl Webserver AI AI source code for Russian+English AI being ported into Perl

Table of Variables for Ghost Perl AI.

User Manual for Ghost Perl AI.


AI in German
by Mentifex

The Art of the Meme -- memetic history of the Mentifex AI Project -- ghost AI source code with reduced comments. -- fully commented Perl ghost AI source code.
Mentifex asks White House Deputy Technology Chief Ed Felten to point out technology reporter
John Markoff of the New York Times at the Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy workshop.