AI in German

German Artificial Intelligence

1. The German AI Mind

The open-source software of the German AI Wotan is described
in the e-book "Artificial Intelligence in German" available on-line in
Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.
The same e-book describes also the AI Minds in English and in Russian,
built in the image and likeness of Wotan with minor differences.

The German AI User Manual is under construction.

2. The English AI Minds as described in the Mentifex FAQ

MindForth and AiMind.html in JavaScript

3. The Russian AI Mind

Dushka AI Mind in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Russian-language User Manual for Dushka Russian AI

AI4U at a Russian-language Google website.

InFerence e-book

Many thanks to NeoCities.
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